A Sky Pup Construction Project

Building the MachNone

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Building the Wings

5/21/2002 Resaw the hardwood bearing blocks in order to accurately place bolt holes.

5/28/2002 Cut bevel on hardwood wing bearing blocks.

Completed bearing blocks with rejects.

6/1/2002 Cutting the pockets for the bearing blocks.

Three pictures above 4/29/03.  My daughter Elizabeth models the Skypup.

Cutting a block of nose ribs.

6/14/03 Spar structure completed and nose ribs are being glued on. (Nose ribs completed 6/20/03)

Center section of wing sheeted (Completed 7/3/03)

Wing skin with interior areas to be glued masked and the remainder varnished.

Sheeting of wing d-tube (Completed 7/21/03)

Center Section of wing complete, ready to be mated to fuselage. (8/3/03)

Center section matched to first outboard rib on left wing. (8/3/03

Gluing up aft ribs and trailing edges.

(8/23/03) Progress report

I finished the structure of  the left wing today! The right wing lacks rip caps and tip rib but should soon be finished. I started covering the underside of the fuse in anticipation of the installation of the wing center section, when I expect it will not be so easy to flip upside down. I think I'll have the airframe structure complete before the leaves fall. That will give me the winter to cover, install engine and control system. Think spring:-)

Covering begun!

5/9/2004 Both wings are covered and have on one coat of latex paint. Vstab, rudder and hstab are covered and waiting for paint. I've decided that I will probably pull off the less-than-perfect fabric I had originally put on the fuselage and redo it. The 3M Fastbond 30NF contact cement works great. Check out the link for a step-by-step description of the covering process.