Building the MachNone

A Sky Pup Construction Project

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Vol 1

Sky Pups Take To The Air

Plans Updates

Changes & Modifications


     Load Factors

     Pup Not-Aerobatic

Building Tips

Vol 3

First Nebraska Pup Flies


Oshkosh Plans

Building Tips

Changes & Modifications

     Steerable Tailwheel Option

Vol 5

More Pups Flying

Building Tips


Vol 7

Michigan Sky Pup

Survey Results

Building Tips

Important Points

Vol 9

Another Flying Pup

Konig Powered Pup

Changes and Modifications


Oshkosh ‘85

Vol 11

Sky Pups Around the World

Loyd Powered Pup from Michigan

Safety Item from Sport Flight

     Inadequate Bend Radius in Centersection

Building Tips

Vol 13

Another Canadian Pup Flying


Report Indiana Pup Nearing Completion

A Warning About Airspeed Indicators

“La Tulipe” Flying in Quebec

Care and Feeding of the Rotax 277


Real Adventure Right Here In Illinois

Vol 15

Konig Powered Pup Flying

More Sky Pups Completed and Ready to Fly

Update from Leroy Thomas

Illinois Sky Pup Reunited with Owner


Accident Reports

Hinge Cross-section

Rudder Bar Pedal Modification<

Vol 17

Sky Pup Rendezvous in Quebec

The Don Palmer Story

Bomber Pilot Flying Again

Air Update from Cecil Bosworth

More News from Around the Litter


Stick Modification

Tips on Engine Mounts and Vibration

Vol 19

Ski-Pup Still Going Strong

Tips From Newsletter Editor's Pup

More News


Newton Bordon's Wing Gap Cover Fastener

Letter from the Editor

Brian's First Taxi Test

Vol 21

Simple Happiness Flying in Quebec

Indiana Sky Pup Flying

Orphan Sky Pup Kit Completed

Construction Tips from Simple Happiness

First Flight of Le P'tit Bonheur

Update from Al Clement

Loose Wing Bolts


Vol 23

Texas Sky

The Smallest Sky Pup in the World

More on Hotwiring the Foam Ribs


Letter from the Editor

Typical Sky Pup Holiday

"Simple Happiness

Rotax Maintenance Video


Vol 25

New Sky Pup from Maine

New Blue Pup from Houston

Pennsylvania Pup for Sale

Some Tips on Your First Flight

More Miscellaneous

News from Quebec

Newton Borden


Vol 27

Ray Dean’s Fast Track to Fame

Caution Mounting Chute on Landing Gear

Cooling the Rotax 277FA

More Ideas for Trailers

Working on the Belly

Ray Dean’s Letter


Vol 29

Todd Douma Returns to Oshkosh ‘92

Bob Schaeffer Setting More Sky Pup Records

Sky Pup Builder Update

Construction Tips

New Pup Completed in the Northwest

The Terry Rockwell Story

Letter from Newton Borden

Landing Gear Damage Repair

Al May's Card

Vol 2

Kansas Sky Pup Flyin


Building Tips

Changes & Modification

     Three-axis control not recommended

Vol 4

Pennsylvania Sky Pup

Rotax Power

Beware of Bonding

Building Tips

Vol 6

North Carolina Sky Pup Almost


Building Tips

Changes & Modifications

     Airspeed Indicators

Vol 8

Long Time Coming

EAA Chapter 560 Pup

Building Tips

Spar Delamination Inspection

Engine Side Thrust

Control Surface Deflection

Vol 10

Howlings In the Litter

Parachute Attachment Ideas

Wing Gap Covers

Building Tips

Sky Pup Historical Trivia


Vol 12

Fuji-Robin Powered Pup

Newsletter Editor’s Pup Flying

Canadian Pup Ready to Fl y

Feedback from Early Builders

Miscellaneous and Building Tips

Vol 14

A Golden Pup from Iowas

Fresh Fish via Sky Pup Air Freight

Ideas for Trailering the Sky Pup

First True Litter of Pups is in Kansas

Saskatchewan Pup Nearing Completion

Building Tips


Transporting Your Sky Pup with a Pick-up Truck

Vol 16

New York State Pup

Report from Oshkosh '87

Saskatchewan Pup Flying

News from Around the Litter

More News from Around the Litter

Crosswind Landing Tips

Vol 18

California Sky Pup Ready!

Wright-Patterson Pup for Sons

Canadian Pup Flying in British Columbia

Another Sky Pup from the Michigan Litter

Some Tips On Color Selection


Brakes on "La Tulipe"

Highly Modified Pup with Ailerons

Vol 20

Oshkosh '88 Convention

Heart of Illinois Fun-Fly '88

Another Illinois Sky Pup Found

Iowa Sky Pup Ready For Fabric


Ideas and Tips from Ken Thompson

Covering and Glues

Isolated Instrument Panel

Vol 22

Wisconsin Sky Pup Flying

More Pups Completed in 1988

More Tips on Loose Wing Fittings

Tips on Hotwiring Foam Ribs

Letter from Newton Borden

Update from Greg Pardee

First Plans Built Sky Pup

Rotax 277 Keeps Running After Engine Shutoff

Bubbles/Blisters Under Fuselage Fabric


Vol 24

First KFM Powered Pup has Flown

Oshkosh 89 and News from Gerry Coppock

News from Al Clements of Sechelt B.C.

Modifications to Texas Sky Pup

Excerpts of a Letter from Newton Borden


Vol 26

First Pup Reported from Idaho

Sky Pup Crunched in Wind Gust

Mounting a Steerable Tailwheel

Wax Your Puppy

Update from Andre St. Pierre

Vol 28

Todd Douma at Oshkosh ‘91

Sky Pup Builder Has Flown 286 Hours His First Year

Another Wisconsin Pup Ready to Fly

Jim Liebich Ready to Fly

Update from Al Mays

Beware of “Velocity Never Exceed

Trouble Finding Fabric Cement

Don Caron’s Warning About Unknown Foam

Greetings and Miscellaneous for Issue No. 28

Bob's Brakes

Electrical Trim Tab

Ed Toner Sky Pup Model Plans

More Photos for Issue No. 28

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