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Building the MachNone

A Sky Pup Construction Project

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Specific Sky Pup Help:

For advice and Skypup comraderie  be sure to join the Yahoo Skypup Club.

Pictures of Bob Evans Skypup. Even more of Bob's pictures are here. Even more here.

Sources for Sky Pup Supplies:

For plywood and hardware go to Aircraft Spruce and Supplies or Wicks Aircraft Supply.

 You can get usable wheels at Northern Tool (before you ask I KNOW they work and will take the abuse of Skypup landings, just remove the bearings and throw them away.)

Having trouble finding latex contact cement for fabric covering wings and fuselage. Try using 3M Fastbond 30 NF, an industrial grade water based contact cement . It works great.

Don't even bother with fabric store fabric. You'll just waste your time and money. Use the 1.8 oz uncertified dacron from Aircraft Spruce .  Typically, fabric store fabric does not shrink well. However aircraft fabric is guaranteed to shrink.

Local supplies of Douglas fir can sometimes be difficult to find. I'm told that suitable wood can be found as Douglas fir flooring material. I was able to find some Douglas fir at Lowes in their hardwood section.

Only known "Sky Pup" cartoon found in January 1986 "Sky Pup News". Originally published in July 1984 "Glider Rider" magazine.