Technical Information

Building the Sky Pup may involve some special skills that you may not have encountered before. Check out the links below.

Aerodynamics for Pilots

See How It Flies by John S. Denker

(Aerodynamics and Flight Techniques)

Propeller Making

Engine/Propeller Theory

Making a composite prop

Carving a wooden prop

Prop Carving FAQ

How I Make Wood Propellers by Alvin Schubert Part OnePart  TwoPart Three

(11 meg total PDF files)

NACA Simplified Propeller Design (PDF file)

Propeller Making for the Amateur by Eric Clutton  (Commercial book)

Prop Station Spreadsheet

Prop information


Forest Products Lab Report on Wood

Software of interest to homebuilders

Student Pilot Practice Tests

Engine Stuff

Cuyuna Engine Manual

Two Stroke Engine Primer

Mikuni  Carburetor VM Super Tuning Guide

Building the MachNone

A Sky Pup Construction Project

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